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Tiger Protection Group (TPG) is not just another NGO working to save tigers, we are a group of hyper, enthusiastic and dedicated bunch of the "NOW" generation with a head on approach of saving what many have forgotten, is the Pride of our nation!! With a fresh, new and youthful fashion of conservation and an experienced and learned group of mentors, we are here with a bang!! We are here to make a difference!! And as we say, LONG LIVE STRIPES!!! ROAR!!

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Our Approach

We at TPG believe that the pen needs some live action to back it up!! And going along this belief TPG works on two respects, namely Public Awareness and Field conservation. Only words and speeches are not enough, so we, here at TPG go a step ahead and give our friends that live peek into the wild world. Conservation is made fun and effective.   Read More >

  • Public Awareness

    Under Public Awareness we work at spreading knowledge about tigers. A number of written materials, fests and camps are organized throughout the year for enthusiasts and to get even more people interested in conservation. The importance of information reaching people in bulks in very high because as the people know more about the harm being caused, it will definitely make them raise their voice. Our motive is to make an impact on a wide and varied population.   Read More >

  • Field Conservation

    At TPG we have an experienced team of field conservationists who are out there in the wild to get a closer and more intimate understanding of the severity of the situation. Having incomplete knowledge is a dangerous thing and these field conservationists are here to eradicate that and bring about complete knowledge regarding what has happened, what has to be done and how it has to be executed.   Read More >

Baagh Singh


He is here!! Yes! Baagh Singh!! Our friend from the jungle, here to be the voice of his Tiger family, is an important part of TPG. Being humans we may not be able to relay what the big cats have to say and that is where our beloved Baagh Singh steps in to bridge the gap! Chat with him, be a friend and rest be assured, you will be introduced to a whole new knowledge bank of the Tiger's life which will indeed change your way of looking at our mission of tiger conservation!!

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Tiger Camp

A camp with the Tigers to instill love for the ecosystem as a whole, which no amount of theoretical knowledge sessions, presentations, research could do.
This allows us to bridge the gap between urban population and the quietly subsiding wildlife.

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